SMS Parents School Lunch Program:


A Note to Parents, Please place your order at least two days prior to delivery date.  We strongly encourage placing your orders by the week or month.

  First Time Ordering a Lunch

  1. Select “SMS Lunch” button from the Navigation Bar.   
  2. A Calendar will appear with Lunch Choices A, B, C, D, and E. 
  3. Place the Curser over the “i” in the Blue Box for and click on the Underlined Lunch  Choice in the Pop Up Window.  
  4. Then Select the Teacher, Type of Beverage and any Allergies.
  5. Enter in the Childs Name and any other special instructions 
  6. Then select the Add to Cart button.
  7. The Delivery /Pickup window will appear with a order desired date.  Select the Delivery Date in the calender for the Order then select" SUBMIT".  {Please note it is very important to select the actual delivery date of the order...(example: if you are placing the order on a Friday but the delivery date is the following Monday, please make sure you select the Monday date for your order.)}  
  8. Then you can continue shopping for other days of for the month. 
  9. To Return to the Calendar Simply select the SMS LUNCH button on the navigation bar.  Once you have selected all of the lunches for the month, then Select the Proceed to Check Out button. 
  10. There are instructions on how to register for an account.  Once you have registered, you will be logged into your account you may begin completing the order.  
  11. Select Pay by Credit Card via Secure Server. 
  12. Enter in your credit information and then submit the order and your order will be placed. 
  13. Please note once you are a registered you may login prior to placing future orders and all of your information will be available on past orders. 
Can I Register before I place my order?

Yes.  By Creating an Account prior to placing your first order, you will skip steps 11 thru 14.

 Is there a minimum Order?

Yes. There is a $10.00 minimum order requirement. However, if you place 3 daily lunch orders for the month, you will satisfy the minimum requirement.